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Creative Outlier Air Review

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Creative Outlier Air Review



  1. Sweat-resistant layout.
  2. Portable, breathable, strong design for sports
  3. Well-built.
  4. Affordable.
  5. Good battery existence for in reality wi-fi earbuds
  6. No video syncing issues.
  7. IPX5 water resistance.
  8. Audio quality.
  9. Ridiculously long battery lifestyles.
  10. USBC charging.
  11. AAC and aptX support.
  12. Powerful bass intensity and crisp, sculpted highs.
  13. Strong battery lifestyles.


  1. Audio isn't always for those in search of an accurate sound signature.
  2. Cumbersome on-ear controls.
  3. Slippery charging case
  4. Poor isolation.
  5. Add contact controls instead of a physical button
  6. Infrequent loss of connection.
  7. Poor microphone performance.

Stable during heavy exercise

Number 2 on our list is Creative Outlier Air, it's almost near the top because it's one of the best earbuds on amazon. One of my favorite things about these earbuds is that the comfort levels were just fantastic, and on top of that the fit was excellent and it won’t get out of your ear even during heavy exercise.

Standalone battery existence

It is for general purchasers who don’t need to be tethered by using wire whilst out and about. Standalone battery existence is superb for good buy real wireless earbuds and can convey you through nearly a whole workday. 

Its IPX5 construct can endure maximum exercises and unexpected downpours alike. If you want a number of the excellent real wi-fi earbuds for a reasonable price, the Creative Outlier Air is for you.

Very pleasing design

Taking things one step at a time, the Creative Outlier Air has a very pleasing design, with a bit futuristic and minimal hints with its interesting shape and the light ring on it. These earbuds are also pretty small compared to other earbuds, very pleased overall, and they won’t get in the way. 

One of my favourite features of this device is the light ring on the body which adds an interesting vibe to it and also it is functional, as it will shine red when the battery is low and blue when the device is active.

Each of the earbuds is equipped with 5.6mm graphene drivers, that besides the sound, makes them lighter and more durable at the same time. The controls of the device are made possible with the tactile button on each earbud, and while I expected touch controls, these delivered a very intuitive experience. 


The Bluetooth 5.0 connection and the aptX Bluetooth transmission deliver amazing wireless connectivity by activating the AAC codec which in turn delivers a superior sound quality. The earbuds themselves deliver about 10 hours of continuous use, and from the charging case, you get 2 more full charges resulting in a total of 30 hours, which is better than most earbuds in the market.

Pretty sound performance

The sound performance was pretty good, a little warm and with a good rhythmic sense, oozing with energy. It may not be an audiophile-grade performance but it is perfect for the masses.

Also you can watch this video I think it will help, too

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