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Top Rated Anker Wireless Earbuds Less than $100

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air

best cheap wireless earbuds,anker wireless earbuds

Top Users' Ratings on eBay:

best cheap wireless earbuds,anker wireless earbuds

Top Users' Ratings on Amazon:

best cheap wireless earbuds,anker wireless earbuds



  1. Affordable wireless earbuds.
  2. Waterproof wireless earbuds you can shower with.
  3. Best wireless earbuds for bass and sound quality under $100.
  4. Best Cheap Wireless earbuds.
  5. Small pocketable battery case.
  6. Best Wireless Earbuds for Bass and Sound Quality.


  1. A little bit distortion with the maximum volume level.
  2. Not the best battery life but not bad.


Anker earbuds that are shaped similar to the Apple earbuds now Apple when they design their ear pods they design them so that the antennas are down here so when a pair to each other they stay connected.  

That's been a problem with a lot of wireless earbuds is they disconnect between one earbud to the other because what some people call water in the brain you cannot send a signal through the head without having it interrupted, but Apple was onto something with this design.

so a lot of companies started copying them and while each one has their own quirks I think anchor kind of knocked it out of the ballpark with this one their ear pods don't fit everybody's ears whereas these they're designed so that way they go in your ear instead of just in on you alright let's go ahead and open these up you're greeted with a nice picture here and similar to the air pods as a small case.

They have a micro USB cable and now let's focus on this these are very small its pocketable got the sound for name on top micro USB port on the bottom and you open it up it shows you a state of charge of the case so this case does charge these earbuds notice they turned on right away it's put in a charge right to them as soon as you open them up once they're charged these lights will go off.

Great Controls and Good Size

In this reasonably-priced package, you may also discover 4 pairs of ear guidelines in distinctive sizes so that you can accommodate them to your ear size, and the micro USB cable. On top of all this, it is really worth citing the consolation levels of the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air’s as you could clearly wear them for longer periods and you will instantly be aware it once you placed it. The controls are very intuitive as nicely and they help gestures as nicely on their touch-touchy bodies.

Microphone and Calls

Similar to the air pods these are shaped like the one thing that this has its dual microphones. there's a microphone on the very bottom and there's a microphone at the top so when you have it situated.

Some people wear them down some people wear them towards the mouth, with these, it really doesn't matter how you have them oriented, because they're the dual microphone it will pick up calls.

This Anker earbuds have another benefit with these as the previous headphones they have dual: so you will hear from both of these earbuds at once, unlike previous anchor earbuds, you can only hear out of the right side,  now you can hear with a little both of them. One of these features that this has is these have Bluetooth 5.0 they have a dual-mic uplink to help with noise reduction.

Great Performance With Low Price

On the top of our list is Soundcore Anker Liberty Air. It is the absolute best earbud you can buy on eBay just $59, and on Amazon under the $100 price range just $79.99, also it really gives you performance close to AirPod experience, bout without making a big hole in your pocket. 

In my and many users' opinion, Soundcore Anker Liberty Air might be equal and in some aspects even better than the Airpods, Because they give you great sound quality, passive noise isolation, great fit, battery life, and also extreme comfort.

Great nano-coating system

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air earbuds are IPX5 rated on their great nano-coating system, and you can use them in exceptional circumstances with none problem. The earpads are top, however, the charging case is also notable, coming in with fantastic construct quality, and a few magnets that preserve the lid closed and the earbuds locked in the vicinity and steady in any respect times. In this price range, you may find greater long-lasting earbuds, and they'll be on your arsenal for years to come.


The sound performance won't be worth of audiophile-grade earbuds, but those earbuds will deliver exceptional overall performance for their low price, slightly higher than AirPods, as they may handle every genre without any problem. The bass was brilliant and punchy and the mids were quite clear, while now not forgetting the sharp highs, a quite balanced soundscape.

finally, and as overall, I confirm that they provide you the right isolation that stored the noise out and the 4 hours battery existence of the buds themselves was terrific without forgetting about the charging case that delivers three extra charges.

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